Thursday, June 26, 2014

In Not So Many Words.

It's been a while. Actually, it's been yonks since my last post.
Can I do a wordless post?

I'd like to share with you these - from my first trip to Nepal. Totally random, no sequence. Well..maybe a few words here and there.

Some green plant, thriving on the hillsides and along footpaths.

Patan Durbar Square. 

Resting - hike up to Nagarkot. Trying to smile despite my aching legs and fatigue.

Colourful boats at Fewa Lake, Pokhara. 

The beauty of small things. On the way down from Sarangkot. 

My favourite shop! WSDO in Pokhara. 

Cute little girl in Sarangkot. Love her hat!

Boy in at public park, Pokhara.
Jersey : Arsenal. Backpack: FCB. Name : it was something like Ozil. 

Tibetan lady at her shop at the Tibetan settlement. 
So many really nice things. 

Newari gentleman, at his bookshop in Pokhara lakeside.

Rakam I think his name is. A Tibetan descendant, at his thangka shop in Patan.
Simply amazing painting skills, so fine.

Jibi, my hiking guide for Sarangkot explaining to me some thing. He's been to EBC countless times. 

Man selling some kind of fruit or veg, in a street off Patan Durbar Square. 

Turning the prayer wheel.

Random. Patan.

Mother and baby on the way down from Sarangkot. They overtook me!
("This alien is too slow")

With my (very handsome) paragliding pilot, Suren aka Maila.  
So much fun flying that afternoon! What an experience!

Babi for sale at Thamel meat stall. I think it's cured or smoked already.

Young boy, cutting green/turquoise stones for jewellery. 

This was in Patan.

Young girl, dressed up nicely and with kohl-ed eyes at her family's juice shop, Pokhara. 

Puppets on strings, at Kathmandu Durbar Square. 

Cycling day in Pokhara. As usual, I got beaten by the heat. 

Surprise welcome garland upon my arrival upon Kathmandu. Come to think of it, this is my first time getting garlanded with flowers.

Hanuman Dhoka (?) at Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Observing a cremation at Pashupatinath on a rainy afternoon.


I'm going to return to you. 
#happyplace #meromaya

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