Thursday, February 27, 2014

The List Only We Know

I like lists (as if that isn't obvious by now :p)

Anyway, other than pre-trip packing lists there's usually another miscellaneous list of OTHER things that need to be done before you go for that long-awaited trip.

For me, some of the items on that list are:-

1. Check-in and print boarding passes, booking forms, visa forms, insurance certs etc.
2. Pay all bills that are due or fall due within the trip
3. Call bank to inform my itinerary and enable the use of my credit card abroad.
4. Charge the camera batteries, transfer pictures from memory card (I always forget this!)
5. Put aside a book/ books for the trip. I am quite selective here.
6. Check if you have enough foreign currency. (remember to buy in advance when the rates are good!)
7. Check my food stock in the office drawer :p Don't leave chocolate lying around.
8. Prepare my little 'pharmacy' of meds, sanitiser and wet wipes.
9. Visit my doctor if needed for special meds.
10. Prepare my little notebook with my notes and 'research' stuff.
11. Check and bring passport size photos.
12. Download new music/playlist if there is time.

Hmm...I think that's generally it. I am sure everyone has their own quirky list(s).

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