Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pinatubo Conquest - Whistle While You Trek

An 'oh-I'm-not-ready picture' of me somewhere mid-trek to Mt Pinatubo crater last week :)

It's admittedly the highlight of this trip to the Philippines, I thought I'd be ecstatic over Vigan.
Loved the perfect weather though it did get really hot on the way back.

Barely slept the night before so I was pretty low on energy.
Was it worth it?
Yes! I can't believe why I have not done this trek earlier.
I'd do it again if I can.

I did Taal Volcano Lake a few days later.
So that's two volcanoes in a week.
I might need a third for a volcano slam dunk this year.

I did not really plan to be in the Philippines 3 times in a period of 7 months. I hope to be back soon, and that would be dependent on you Air Asia. More cheap flights please!

Where to next in this country of 7107 islands and 80 provinces?
I am undecided. But for sure it will be either the mountains or the sea.
It has plenty of both :)

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  1. Andrea mentioned about bringing me here...but now she's married, guess I'll have to do it sans her..