Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wandering Thoughts Brought Me Here

I'm left to my own devices for more than a month, so I need to use up my time productively. *cough* Kinda bored right now so I thought, why not dust off that cobweb off this blog?

Here's another random selection of pictures - mostly of food. My mouth is watering right now thinking of the flavours.

And my "selfeet" collections. Err.

This was dinner in Istanbul - at a small cafe, far off the main street, with a friendly host who served us complimentary tea and salads and spicy dips. I had the adana kebab which was - holy smoke - super delicious! The host kept on giving us bits of stuff to try, it was really nice. Glad we went out of the way and found this place.

My thing with tiles and floors.


Have you noticed how I love old tiles like these?

Walking on the cold stones of Pammukkale. My feet were numb by the time we reached the end.

My first meal in Yangon. Mild, I had to ask for chillies :)

Closer to home, I think this was in Central Market.

Midnight supper at some R&R  mid-way between Yangon to Bagan. Yeay for chillies!

And this, might've been Penang, at the Blue Mansion.

The best chilli chips ever. Must eat with chilled beer.
Sunset drinks at Chitwan NP, Nepal.

Lunch of dhal bhat, Pokhara.

I'm keeping myself busy researching and planning for 2015. So many places! I think I'll add robbing a bank to fuel this affliction. Who's with me?

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  1. That mid-night supper you had between Yangon and Bagan looks really yummy.