Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twenty Thirteen : Some Reflections

Confession: I am no longer familiar with how to post pictures properly here. So here goes some random travel pictures that could be posted and not remain stubbornly stuck in the folder. My laptop revived itself (hurrah!) and I was pleasantly surprised everything is still intact (I think!). 

Hopefully I'll be in the mood to write more here. The only thing is ... my pictures are saved all over the place, here there and a little bit of everything everywhere else. Yupp - it's a holy mess. 

Highlights? Oh, there are so many!

El Nido.
Beautiful and peaceful.
Waters so clear they made me gasp at every turn.
Islands so gorgeous I wish I could buy one. I want to see you again.

Batanes for its heartbreaking natural beauty. 
Vivid, fresh, a burst of sunshine. Beautiful people.
Not forgetting super typhoon Usagi and C130.

Nepal, all its quirky unexpected charms.
Mountains and ranges that made me feel tiny, in awe of His creation.
Its people. Its villages. 
Oh Kathmandu, you hot, dusty, noisy, messy city! Do I love thee or hate thee? I am undecided but veering towards liking it, in some mad, strange way. I promised to return.

Myanmar, chaotic and romantic at the same time. There is orderliness that's hidden beneath the surface of seeming madness. It's fast becoming rather touristy, and there may no longer be too many less-travelled, unbeaten paths soon. I'd like to be wrong on this. 

Georgetown holds a special fort in my heart, for years I have fallen for its old town charm and heritage. My old soul settles into its vibes effortlessly. And the food! oh, I'd walk miles!

The like-minded people I've met along the way, who don't even blink hearing the funniest or weirdest travel experiences on the road. We laughed too much at seemingly unbelievable true stories. May your travels be safe with your guardian angels, and your journeys add to the beautiful memories.

I have been quite successful in travelling light I deserve a pat in the back (here you go). Less is more. 

A toast:

Here's to more stories soon!
to more travels in 2014!

It's a lighthouse! Basco. 

Padaung ("long necks") weavers at Inle Lake. Fascinating how they preserve this culture.

Trying out winter woolies in Thamel. 

Le Maison Bleu, Georgetown. Finally here after years and years!

With a Llama girl, Rina at Patan Square, Kathmandu. 

If I had 30 million dollars I'd buy this island off El Nido. It already has a chapel and some buildings.

A Gorgeous day in Batanes! Fell in love with the place.

Reclining Buddha at the temple in Yangon. Cannot recall the name.

'Holy man' at the World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara. I huffed and puffed all the way up. The day was beautiful. 

Horse cart day in Bagan.  Bumpy and almost got thrown off a few times. We laughed but it was scary too.The next day we got on electric bikes on a grand day out all around town.

Sunset at the other side of Bagan's famous temple. We decided to avoid the crowd and spent time here in peace.

Obligatory shot - Le Maison Bleu, Georgetown. I love old tiles!


  1. Wow. I feel so left behind. I'm most interested to head out to Batanes based on that single pic you took alone. :-)

    1. Okayyyy, I'll write more on Batanes just for you ;-) Good poison! lol