Thursday, January 2, 2014

Conquer Your Fear

(Random post. Cooked dinner today but no one is hungry so I am protesting by way of doing my own thing in my room, LOL).

Today I had one of those extended conversations with a friend which started from me wanting to borrow some stuff instead of buying it (cheapskate mode on).

Eventually we got to talking about personal fears and all that shit.

In my case, it was definitely scuba diving.

I have been postponing it over and over again since my first trip to Mabul in 2009 .... or was it 2010?

I got reminded of so many excuses that I made up:

So hard to decide between PADI and SSI.
Didn't want to do it in KK (despite this being the most convenient!)
What about my contacts?
I heard the instructors can be harsh.
Expensive lah!
No time lah, got classes to attend then two days practical. Mehh.
Can't really swim (major excuse). Oh well.
I have nothing to wear! (seriously)

So you see, those are my excuses why.

Truthfully, I was just consumed with fear.

I finally kicked myself in the ass last December when we did Project 12.12.12. The underwater world in Mabul knocked me off my feet and pedestal and I cursed myself for NOT even trying!

So, I made sure that before 2013 ended, I will need to get that certification.

No more fc*king excuses.

Typical me this got dragged till very late (too much work, travelling, clashing dates etc etc etc).

The perfect opportunity (time, resources, my own guts) finally presented itself in November, and I found myself not having any more excuses.

This was it.

DO or DIE. (well, not really ... but you get the idea)

And I went ahead determined not to let myself down.

And hey I did it!

F*cking unbelievable I did it.

So happy!
Now I need to get more dives logged this year so that I can prepare myself for destinations that offer diving and I won't be the sore loser who only snorkels at the shallow waters. Pfffttt!

Actually the point of this post is that, to my friend particularly, if I can, you can too.

I may be the biggest chicken you'll ever meet so, thing is, you can do it just like I did, maybe better.

Face your fears. I still have many demons I need to exorcise.

One day at a time.

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