Friday, December 10, 2010

Wet and Wild in Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Hey :)

*Haha, please don't conclude anything based on the title above :P *

I've been trying to muster the inspiration to blog for the past few days but alas, my muse is missing in action.

Anyway, before this weekend looms I'd better get it done a.s.a.p. This trip almost did not materialise but thankfully, thanks to the graciousness and kindness of friends I made it there. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my little heart.

Well - I can sum up the weekend in one word - FABULOUS. Totally above my expectations. Despite the weather (what's a rainforest without the rain?), we had the most amazing wildlife experience that made me think twice that perhaps, I may be needing more of this Jungle Jane adventures in order not to be too excited! (Note to self : More jungles, please)

Oh. My camera died on me after getting soaked in the rain. That's the short story. So some of these pics are courtesy of my fellow travellers in the same group :-) They're a really fun bunch and know how to have a good time! Some pics are too big to fit in, I need to resize them later.

After check-in, briefing, lunch, settling-in, and afternoon tea, we started our safari right up till dinner time.

The next day, we had a very early start to head towards the Lipad Mud Volcano, followed by a trek to the Lipad Waterfall. Got our certificate hand-printing session in the afternoon, followed by another night safari after dinner. The following morning was also an early call as we went birdwatching.

Yupp, we had a full schedule.

Pacat-check : clear.

About to start our trek towards the mud volcano.

Stephen, our guide, is a walking jungle encyclopedia. He was spouting common and scientific names for trees!! There are so many interesting things in the jungle! (And I thought I already knew enough. Obviously a delusion :P) Pic : RAA

View of the mud volcano from the fifth level of the observation tower. The spouts were small, apparently it depends how much mud that the earth wants to spout out.

I did not jump in :( so I just did a facial spa :))) It did feel smoother later. We filled some bottles to bring back :) Everyone had dirty muddy hands hence not many pictures were captured here.

Just before jumping into the river after the mud volcano. Pacat-check : clear. The water was so refreshingly cold!

Group photo with Stephen. Pic : RQ.

My cert with mud hand print. Eh, Dato' Michelle Yeoh was also here before (last year?). Her cert is displayed at the reception.

View from my bed. The room was superbly cozy I did not feel like getting out of bed while it rained :)

View from my balcony - directly overlooking a river! Love love love the sound of the flowing waters. This was taken during the rain.

After the rain the river looks almost perfect for white-water rafting! And yeah, it's always teh-tarik brown.

Our premium sighting - a Bornean Pygmy Elephant :))))))) right at the resort entrance. Pic : RAA.

Later, his family - altogether 5 of them - decided to join him. The little one was so cute!! Pic : RAA.

The Flying Lemur aka Colugo. It did not fly though as it was starting to rain. Pic : RAA.

Those are the highlights of wildlife we saw - oh, we also saw the Sun Bears!!! However we were so excited and the bears were too, no one managed to capture a decent picture. We also saw black gibbons, leopard cats, civets, mousedeers (greater and lesser), various birds, butterflies and of course insects.

I really had a wonderful time in Tabin - it's the perfect weekend getaway. One day I will return for another jungle session - hmm, this time with a waterproof camera.

I Love Tabin! :)


  1. I love Tabin too. You are very lucky to see the elephants and even more lucky to see sun bears. I have been to Tabin, Danum, Sukau quite a few times but the elephants continue to elude me. No luck I guess.

  2. wahh, so it really is true that Tabin is a sure sighting of wildlife. Been planning to go there. Hopefully soon. OH, and I'm sorry for your camera. I guess it is signal lead to buying a new one.

  3. Jason LT - we were told that we were very lucky indeed to have seen both the Elephants and the Sun Bears in one trip :) My friend has been there 7-8 times and has yet to see the elephants!

    JIPP - yes you must plan Tabin soon. I intend to return next year:). And yes, I have to start saving up for a replacement camera!

  4. Are those leech-repellent socks? I notice some ppl there wearing boots too. Were those boots effective?

  5. AdekFab : Nah, they're just plain football socks! (it was either these green ones or bright yellow, RM6.90 per pair). I guess I was lucky I didn't get bitten by leeches, a few of the rest got bitten but nothing major.

    The others didn't bring their boots so the resort had some ready. I brought and wore my adidas-kampung :)