Monday, December 13, 2010

Wet and Wild in Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Part Deux

I managed to salvage these from my camera's memory card, and some are from my handphone camera :

View half way towards Tabin on a gravel road - my kidneys and their friends had a smashing good time.

Fresh elephant droppings/shit/dung just that morning - which was why Stephen said we have to go out for 'elephant-hunt' the same day.

Seladang footprints, or should that be hoof prints? We didn't see any though.

My favourite tree - the majestic, elegant Kompassia Excelsa - or locally known as the Menggaris, a.k.a. the honey tree / tualang / tapang.

Carved tree-trunks serve as pillars in the reception building.

My River Lodge. Mine was the furthest from the rest; all the units to the left and right were unoccupied.

Super-cozy room. Loved it!

View from my balcony at the back. The lodges are nicely spaced away from each other.

Eight seemed to be my lucky number for the day. I was seated 8F on the aircraft, given lodge No. 8, and joined a group of 8 people for the weekend :-) Niiiicceee! (okay not including the camera incident)

Boardwalks join the river lodges, the Sunbird Cafe and the Hill Lodges on the other end.


View of the river and the Otter Deck from the cafe. Apparently the river otters don't come out during the rainy season. But they showed us a short video where the otters were soooooo adorable!

This leads to the Hill Lodges. Where ever you are in the resort, the bustling river can be heard. Very peaceful.

Green Initiative.

Short briefing from Stephen before our safari starts!

The very last picture from my camera :-) At least it was a happy one! And off we go!

After the heavy rain, before discovering my camera was soaked. That's why I was still smiling. Taken using my Nokia.

I don't remember what we were stalking here - maybe it was the bearded pigs.

At the Lipad mud volcano pit - the earth spouting some mud out. Not much. It has no smell and is not hot.

Morning walk and birdwatching on our last day.

Can you tell I'm still on a high a week after Tabin?



  1. despite travelling the world, we find the best things are in our backyard. :)

  2. wah, a place to be. I like the look of the River Lodge. Curiousity, did u get a tour package or just a walk in?

  3. Jason LT - Never have truer words been said :). I'm dedicating next year to further expand what I call The Backyard Sessions.

    JIPP - A must-place for you :) I took the 3D/2N promo, flight on your own on MasWings. Check the website, you'll be surprised how much the package costs on normal season.

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures! Glad to know another fellow Sabahan is venturing out of Sabah, as well as into the heart of it. Tabin will be on my list from now on. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Chelley

    Thanks! I wholly recommend Tabin, and a host of other places in our very own backyard :) Happy travels!