Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Island Run - PBIM 2010

The past weekend was spent in Penang, for me to strike out the last of my running events this year from my 2010 to-do list.

I could not help but pose like this :P Kit collection was a breeze as I went there early.

Getting my chip activated after collection.

I don't have any pictures during the actual run as I decided to leave my camera behind rather than risking getting it wet. It's not waterproof ;P unlike some people's camera. So hopefully I'll get some 'water-proofed' pictures sent my way soon.

It rained and rained. Anyway more story later hopefully with the pics.

And, what's a visit to Penang without indulgences right? Didn't eat as much though, my appetite was quite restrained, rather strange I thought - half the time was spent resting and napping.

I was determined to try out Nasi Kandar Line Clear after missing it on the last two trips.

The queue spilled out to the street. Patience is a virtue. Oh, and it was very hot. As in steaming-dripping-sweat hot day. An it's-so-hot-I-wanna-jump-into-the-river day. Typically, I wilted and melted. Thank God for interesting people-watching.

All for this plate of 'mess'? Serious food here. Memang sedap. Ended up eating it again on Sunday :) Sadly, my limited appetite wasted half the plate. Proof that I can be such a glutton sometimes. Dessert was at Penang Road Famous Cendul later, I needed that sugar boost!

Late dinner at Sup Hameed at Penang Road. I don't eat sup ekor, but this was also serious stuff. Had it with two slices of bread.

Indulgences eventually require Eno to the rescue. Thanks to the 7-11 cashier who gave me a free Pepsi World plastic cup. Stayed in Tune Hotel, no such thing as a glass provided. Oh if you look closely on the cup on left background, that's a topless Torres painted in WC colours. Delicious?

The rain and getting wet was worth it? No sleep?
Finisher's medals - yeay! One was mine and the other was my Hobbes' :)

My weekend was most enjoyable; and I am so happy I've completed my 4 runs as planned this year.

Next, planning for 2011 :) Come join me!


  1. Congrats for finishing the race! And the nasi kandar Line Clear looks bloody delicious :-)

  2. Julie - thanks dear! Yupp, the nasi kandar was worth the wait :)

  3. Ahaha why call it Nasi Kandar Line Clear when the line/queue is hardly ever that? (No, I've never tried it but read it elsewhere that the queue is madness. I don't like nasi kandar).

  4. my friend completed the 42.195 km run in 5 h 18 m. i didn't even realise he was running the full marathon!

  5. AdekFab : Well done to your friend, that's a very good time! Am sure he can do a sub-5 soon.