Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jala Neti : The Quest for Squeaky Clean Sinuses?

I'm happy because this week I've completed my beginner's yoga.

Did ten weeks fly past just like that? After learning most of the basic beginner's poses (a lot more to go) our instructor also taught us about jala neti and how to use a neti pot.

Jala neti is basically a yoga as well as an Ayuverdic cleansing practice for our sinuses in the head, or our ENT system. This is how you do it for both nostrils; does it look gross?

(Source : yoga108.org)
No picture of me doing it as I am in the bathroom laa..

My neti pot is exactly like the one above, which was ordered from India by our instructor. It's made of plastic and there are copper, glass as well as ceramic options available. This is the most convenient and cheapest. So far I have tried using it on alternate days for the past week, it is recommended to do it daily. We used 500 ml of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of salt added.

I was quite scared to try it out initially as I was worried I might choke on the water! Haha, unfounded fears; I still need to perfect my technique however the water flows out well so it's working. My right side is better than my left so I wonder if my internal nose structure is normal or my technique needs refining? I hope it's the latter. Sometimes the water flows out to my mouth, which is okay as it is actually Stage 2 of jala neti.

My verdict? I do feel more clear headed and my nose is rid of mucus (yes you can say 'yuck!'). I don't actually have a sinus problem, except there was one time when I suffered from maxillary sinusitis which was awful (my face hurt soooo baddd); after that infection I had to be more careful around dust and dusty enclosed spaces with no/poor ventilation.

For more on jala neti, you know Mr Google is your best friend, as he is mine :)


  1. wow. Never heard of it before. But it looks interesting. Can clean my nose up. LOL! and why is it called jala neti? is it an english phrase?

  2. Hi Jipp

    Jala Neti is Sanskrit, like all the other yoga terminology - it means 'cleaning of the nasal passages', something like that.

    I find it helpful - if you have a yoga teacher in SDK you should try going. Yoga is not for the ladies only bah :)