Monday, June 7, 2010

Interesting Things #76

When : 26th May
Where : BKI-KUL flight AK5111
Where : Next to the toilet

I got up to use the toilet, and noticed that the one on my right is closed off. On a torn-off piece of crumpled paper hastily pasted onto the door, was written 'unserviceable'.

Me : Hmmm (looked at flight attendant standing facing me at the galley).
Her : It's out of order.
Me : Oh...I thought the pilot had just announced this aircraft is one-week old??
Her : Ya-lah, that's why I was wondering ... yesterday the same thing on my flight from Mumbai.
Me : (smile)
Her : (smile)

Okay. Does the A320 have toilet problem? Because on my flight back from Vientiane to KL the same thing happened. It's either the same aircraft or there were at least two broken toilets flying around.


  1. hehe. Oh well, consider urself lucky then Audrey. Never encountered any such problem on flight b4. i mean, at the toilet.

  2. JIPP - thankfully on both flights the passengers did not use the toilet that much, no queue. maybe they went earlier :)