Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeing Red - Of Sales and Fees

I am a bit bothered - just a teeny weeny bit - that I have not been able to find anything on Air Asia's current sale, nor anything from MATF. The prices aren't as cheap as before.

Hmpph. That's probably because I have a limited budget, haha, so I can't just pick and purchase just like that. There are a few dates but I am indecisive so that's that for now.

Anyway, did you know that AirAsia is almost strictly enforcing the one hand luggage policy this year? I said almost, because they are inconsistent. And if I may say so, discriminative toward those with backpacks because those with supposedly 'cabin-sized' luggage that are bigger and surely heavier are let through. Yes my backpack is rounder in shape but it is smaller than a cabin-size luggage okay? Otherwise, how can I lug it on my back? And how can you say that my Quarfie doesn't qualify as a handbag? Duh.

I've been travelling with this bag for every trip, except to Singapore last year. Where got big laaa....

And last week as I was scanning my backpack before leaving it at the Left Luggage Counter in LCCT, I overheard the airport security mentioning that Air Asia has increased their baggage fees. I only checked today and true enough; up to 15 kg the fee is now RM20.00 and THAT is the online discounted rate. Am I the only one who's just discovered this?

Yes Air Asia I've got a bone to pick with you.

Anyway, as irritated as I am right now, I will still fly with you, but only when you're cheaper :)


  1. I'm quite surprised I haven't bought tickets during their current sale as well. I found cheap fares (well, cheap enough), but for some reason, I can't be bothered to buy. WHYYYY??

    And damn, RM20 for only 15kilos? WOW.

  2. Ohhh, I didn't notice. I think Air Asia is getting more expensive. I was mostly bothered to see that the airport tax to Standsted, London is now Rm500+ while it was only RM300+ last time. I gotta remind everyone that MAS flights can be suprisingly cheaper for certain dates and routes. They are worth checking out :-)

  3. JIPP has a point there about MAS flights being cheaper. When I got back to KL from Jogjakarta recently, I flew MAS cause it was cheaper than AirAsia.

    I guess MAS has come to realise that they can't make money unless they reduce their rates. And heck, price wars are good cause we consumers benefit the most!

  4. I think the no-frills airlines have joined the bandwagon of the more established big guys. It's all about nickel-and-diming everyone now.

  5. Nina : Why oh why? I asked myself too. Maybe we need new affordable destinations? :)

    JIPP : Wow, that's a LOT of money. MAS flights can be cheaper on some dates, do buzz if you find any bargains!

    Julie : Price wars need to happen more frequently then :)!

    The Nomadic Pinoy : Yupp, you are right there. Now the best bargains can only be found by booking tickets for months and months ahead, on non-peak dates.

  6. Wow, I didn't know abt the increase too. I didn't buy anything from AirAsia sale either. I'm getting sick of it, of LCCT, of the passengers... Another thing: I declare my LAGs religiously but I see people getting away with it. Why?

  7. Adek Fab - re:LAGS, yupp, it really annoys me that when that happens. Grrrr.

  8. The disgruntled Air Asia gang. Better watch out AA :)