Monday, March 22, 2010

Cam On, Sai Gon

At the Old Citadel, Hue.

I was in Saigon (HCMC) last week, a pretty challenging trip for me as I was unwell throughout.

Nevertheless, armed with my meds and plenty of water and sleep I pushed through and managed to come back intact :)

And, I've had enough of phos and spring rolls for now thank you and can't wait for this cough to go away so I can go and eat banana leaf rice and curry.

Oh, I am voiceless. Lost my voice in Saigon since Saturday. Haha.

More soon-ish.


  1. Well, good to know you got home in one piece! Rest well and I hope you get well soon :)

    Looking forward to your posts about HCMC!

  2. you went to Saigon? wow.. start posting about it then..

  3. now, that's a real traveller. travelling even when she's sick. get well soon, soldier girl.