Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Travel Pics : Signages and Such

When I travel, I usually take pictures of interesting signages and such.

What a testimonial. And to think that they actually put all that on a banner. Funny thing was, the restaurant was rather quiet every time I passed by. Er, excuse me, Mr Shopowner, I think your banners are hiding your entrance.

I want to hang something similar. Naughty monkeys indeed.
'Kera-kera nakal' sounds so .. I don't know.

Why is the 'stick guy' already in the water?
I first thought he was stomping on the catfish, or whatever fish that is.

The only thing missing is the '...Oooops!'

I don't think this will be approved in Malaysia. I should've tried it out.

Very detailed. I like the "Cross With Care".
I actually stopped and 'read' the whole thing before crossing.

It's pictures like these that actually remind me more of each place, rather than pictures of myself :P.

I hope that's normal.

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