Thursday, September 10, 2009

There's Something About Bali

Dreaming of going back to Bali one day soon.

The 'love' part of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love :)

I wish Air Asia would resume its direct flights to the island. I didn't manage to try the direct flights when it was operating last time. Now there's only KK-Jakarta direct, maybe it's worth a try to check it out as a jumping-off point to Bali.

At Tanah Lot on a Sunday morning, May 2007.


  1. Hello,

    Just wanting to share, I was in Bali the previous weekend and I had a great time. Took the SIN-KUL-DPS-KUL-SIN route via Air Asia as it was cheaper than a direct flight.

    You can jump off from Jakarta and from there take a domestic flight to Denpasar, if I am not mistaken it is just less than an hour away from the capital.

    My post on my flight below:

    It was a very nice vacation... :)

  2. Hi :):)

    Thanks for sharing your post on Bali .. it is a lovely place for a vacation.

  3. I want the KK/Bali direct flight back too!

  4. Have you tried Silk Air?

    Of course, nothing beats a direct flight.

  5. TravelBugMe : It was shortlived, kan . Yes we want it back!

    Pepin : A direct flight is much better esp in terms of $$$ :)