Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updated : Bucket List

I am revisiting my Life List today :) It's been left too long.

From today on I'll call it My Bucket List because that's essentially what it is. I have drawn up another list Bucket List Part Deux:-

1. Mabul. Sipadan. When? Need to get my OW. Maybe not necessarily Sipadan.
2. TawauSandakan
3. Learn to cook the perfect nasi lemak. When? Not perfected yet.
4. Read all Bryson. Have read all his travel books except for African Diary, which I have yet to find in any bookstores.
5. Touch the stones of Borobudur
6. Touch the stones of Angkor Wat
7. Thaipusam at Batu Caves
8. Jason Mraz LIVE!
9. Run a (half) marathon. Have ran in two events (11K and 10K) so far. Have committed to take part in at least four in 2010.
10. Travel solo.
11. Backpack travelling.
12. Learn a foreign language. I know some Spanish words :) Hmmm.
13. Get rid of credit card debt. Using the Snowball method. Cut down to two.
14. Healthy Eating. Ongoing, with the occasional relapse :P
15. Get Fit. Ongoing, albeit rather slow, I have 1000 excuses sometimes.
16. Write a column. or a Book. I wrote a short advertorial and it came out in a magazineHmm, does that count? I got paid for 2 articles so, yes!
17. RWMF, Kuching
18. Read daily. 50 books in a year. Didn't really keep track last year, so I am re-starting a new count for 2010. To date, am on my 12th book.
20. Learn to play the guitar - at least one song! Need to find a guru. Bought an Uke, still learning!
21. London 2012. Hope floats. Postponed.
22. Sew something. When? I think this may be too ambitious? :p
23. Grow own vegetables. When? Cili padi can?
24. Step foot in all Malaysian states. 4 left. 1 left - Perlis!
25. Borneo overland trip. Done KK to Brunei via Lawas. One day, KK to Kuching and maybe onwards to Pontianak. Maybe.
26. Volunteer. When? 
27. Go green - recycle. reduce. reuse. Trying.
28. Take one photograph a day. Some days more than one to make up for what I missed. Even if it's just my own face. Haha. Done. After a while, no can do, I realised I am not that vain :) 
29. See Jason LIVE again. What I'd give for this! Went to his concert Oct 2011 and June 2012. YEAY!

BUCKET LIST PART DEUX (this was recorded in my notebook, where various other lists reside and grow and get struck off every now and then).

1. Up close and personal with endangered animals - Bornean elephant, orang utan and Sumatra rhinoceros. DONE, Christmas of 2011. Best Ever.

2. Helicopter ride. DONE, Christmas of 2011. Best Ever.

3. Float in the Dead Sea. DONE. July 2010.

4. Taj Mahal. DONE, July 2011.

5. Parasailing.

6. Paragliding.

7. Rock Climbing.

8. OW diving.

9. Palawan.

10. Nepal.

11. Turkiye. Istanbul.

12. Morocco.

13. Barcelona.

14. Kimchi country. Eat authentic bibimbap.

15. One foreign run/race. Singapore does not count, too near :p

16. A full marathon. A medal. A finisher tee.

17. London again. maybe.

18. Eat at a Michelin rated place.

19. Hot air balloon.

..... and maybe a few more additions. When I get some inspiration.

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