Wednesday, June 20, 2012

INDIA : Taj and Go

I know I'd be excited to see Taj Mahal. In fact, we agreed that if anything happens to our plans, Taj Mahal must stay on the to-do list.

But nothing prepared me for that first glimpse as you go through the gate.


I mean, really. Oh wow.

(and I am not that easily bowled over)

Whether it is really a monument dedicated to love, I am doubtful. For me, it was built by a megalomaniac who made his subjects suffer for 22 years. And it was dark inside. Was it for the love of his wife, or himself?

I'd rather build a garden full of flowers and trees. Fountains and mini lakes. But then again, maybe at that time they still had forests everywhere so a building would be a grander choice. Maybe.

Leave it to me to spoil your romantic impressions of the Taj, haha

Anyway, of course it IS a superbly magnificent building, architecturally (sp?). Dear Taj Mahal, you're off my list. Been there done that.

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