Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Own Private Sukau.

I was in Sukau very briefly last week.

Did I say I love the place, after my last trip in 2009? I love it even more now.

The highlight this time is our encounter with two herds of elephants during our afternoon cruise. I think this is the closest that I've been with these gentle wild creatures. The babies were so cute!




They changed their minds about getting into the river and went back to eating.

Adorable baby.

Well, that's their dung after all that fibrous meal. Elephants eat up to 150 kg of food per day.

Orang utan bridge - we call it Sydney bridge :)

A long tailed macaque on another bridge at Sg Resang.

The resident payau at Sukau B&B.

One thing I've found out and seen on this trip - the passionate people who work tirelessly to protect the wildlife. They have my utmost respect and admiration. The unsung heroes.

I hope to return to this lovely peaceful little place again one day soon.

This is me = happy :) *hearts Sukau*


  1. WOw. I miss this place so very much. The pic #3 (the cutest) definitely the cutest. Looks like she is smiling or amused or something. Thanks for sharing Audrey. Oh, and why is the payau still there? I don't think its gonna go any bigger so time to put him into dishes. LOL

  2. JIPP - Yes, I think the baby elephant was smiling, almost a naughty look :) They were less than 10 feet away from our boat.

    The payau? Biggest I've seen. Haha, that's why they sort of adopted it and kept it tied, to protect it from hunters! Apparently it always returns to the village no matter how many times they release it in the sanctuary.