Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reza Salleh : You Got Me At 'For Her'.

This holiday weekend's music supply comes courtesy of our very own Reza Salleh, "singer-songwriter, noise polluter, food addict" :D (his words, not mine)

How did I 'discover' Reza?

I have to admit I don't really follow much of local music industry. It must have been a lucky day for me as I was flipping channels and saw him on TV3's morning show. (Now please allow me to immortalise the date, it was Tuesday, January 18th, 2011. I remember because I journalled it. Epic moment lah :))

When he sang Kasih, I thought, wth, this guy is very good! Then later, after the interview with the comperes and his acoustic rendition of For Her, I was already impressed. A little research followed and I found his FB page, and after listening to Stracciatella, I fell - hook, line and sinker.

I made up my mind to go get his album at Rock Corner when I was in KL later that weekend. REALIZE contains 16 tracks (including two bonus tracks) all composed and arranged by the man himself. There's a booklet insert where the lyrics are, which is great because I can then sing to my heart's content! (in the shower :P)

The more I listen to the album, the more I love it. If before, for some strange reason, I seem to be stuck only with Stracciatella, I now play the whole album on repeat.

Apart from my top favs Stracciatella, Sunsets With You, Kasih, For Her, I also like this one song and its awesome title; What The Hell Just Happened I'm Not Really Sure, which is track no. 4 and captures "his inability to feel, sense and to see the vital things that make you blue". That's like, speaking for the entire male species, no? :P Yes, men, this is a song you never expect to be written about those 'burning' moments when you simply have no idea what happened; Reza has now put his finger on it.

And Stracciatella? Reza said, it's about 'loving someone who doesn't love you back the same way'. Oh. No wonder it resonates.

(By the way, Stracciatella is his favourite gelato flavour. Not mentioned at all in the song. Just a title. So, offer to buy him this gelato if you bump into him, maybe he'll say yes)

When I met him at KLPac the day after the album purchase, I asked him to autograph it for me (fan girl moment, okay). Expecting only his signature, I got more than that! He actually remembered what I wrote on his FB wall and wrote the above! Yes, REALIZE is my very first Malaysian CD purchase. That's so nice and sweet of him to remember, kan? Me = happy girl.

One more picture for good measure. (yeah, that's Twitter in the background)

Monday, June 27th, 2011 - I know where I want to be :) Reza will be performing at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas! Must make that happen. Which means I have to make sure I survive SC-KLM the day before, eeeks!

Okaylah, let me show-off this picture again. If my memory serves me right, my parting words were (to his sister), "I'll continue to stalk him" Hahahahahaha! Sounds so psycho-gila.

In the meantime, it's gonna be Ocean Spanning Sorrow in the Relic That I Live In.

No, this is not a sponsored post :)

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