Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faces and People : Syria and Jordan

Going through my albums I realised I haven't shared these pictures of the people.

I think most of the Syrians are of fairer complexion than the Jordanians. Or maybe just the ones I encountered or saw.

At Cairo Restaurant, Amman.

"Captain Jack Sparrow", Petra.

Guard at Al Khazneh, Petra.

Donkey owner and me, The Monastery, Petra.

Syrian boy, Damascus.

His sister, Syrian girl, Damascus.

Their friend, pulling a funny face and insisting I take a picture of him.

Three amigos, Damascus. Near Umayyad Mosque.

Juice vendor, Aleppo. The HUGE mug of freshly made mixed fruit juice cost only 50 SYP.

Juice vendor, near Christian Quarter, Old City Damascus.

A friend of the three amigos, inside Umayyad Mosque, Damascus.

Outside one of the churches in Aleppo.

Lost-looking boy at the park in the Christian Quarter, Damascus.

Tablecloth vendor, Aleppo Souq.

Orthodox priest, walking on the Straight Street, Damascus.

Bakery, near Martyr's Square, Damascus.

Traffic policeman, Damascus. Or maybe he was just a guard?

Traffic police, Amman. Love the hat!

Shepherd, somewhere in the desert between Damascus and Palmyra.

Shop where I bought sweets near the Old City.

Othmen, at Schereradze, Souq Al Hamediyya. We bought stuff from his shop.

Lastly, a picture of two thugs bouncers at the entrance of one of the hotels we looked at before deciding where to stay in Damascus. Suffice to say we did not check in here :)

Syria is more conservative than Jordan, though there is no issue with attire like what is usually mentioned in the guidebooks. Short sleeved tees are acceptable, though shorts and sleeveless/ tank tops are probably too much.

After a few days it was easy to identify the non-locals (from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) as they are not dressed as conservatively as the locals, especially the women.

As you can see, most of them would gladly pose for you - just remember to ask first :)


  1. wahh, those pics look like ones cropped out of a magazine. Very nice. I always believe people in the middle east have the Italian looks but I don't know if anyone agree with it - hairy, bushy eyebrows, big nose. hehe.

  2. Jipp - :) I was expecting to see the typical Arab look and those features too.

  3. I love faces. Who's the yellow-skin girl in the photos? :)